March 26, 2017

“Austin Comedy Short Film Festival” Spring 2017 Official Screenplay Selections

“Comedy Feature Film Screenplay” Austin Comedy Short Film Festival 2017 Official Selections
“Disarray Days” by Karl Ryan Erikson and Evan Dickerson
“Maybe Shower” by Lex Lybrand
“Royally Duped: A Fairytale Gone Askew” by Winnie Khaw
“The Drop” by Jarrod Austin

“Comedy Short Screenplay” Austin Comedy Short Film Festival 2017 Official Selections
“Anatomically Modern Human for President” written by Amanda Martinez
“Hammer Time” written by Sasha Siljanovic
“Haus Pandora” written by Steve Vasiliou
“Heather Has Four Moms” written by Rani Deighe Crowe
“Live At Five” written by Geoff Ross
“Modern Love” written by Hannah Dillon
“Ms Taken” written by Alison Markinson
“Murder Plotz (Pilot episode of “Brooklyn Deli”)” written by Jim Norman
“Paper Sunday” written by Rachel Napolitano
“Shelter in Place” written by Melanie Wilderman
“The Appetizer” written by Gerard and Olivia George
“The Importance of Clowning Around” written by Jake Smith
“Three Legged Dog” written by Joshua Magor
“TIIPI-FIVE Infomercial” written by Joy Lin

“Witch Way Love” written by James M Martin
Comedy Screenwriters

March 26, 2017

“State Inspection” Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Spring 2017

Director David Smith’s film “State Inspection” is a film about an odd situation in the waiting room of a mechanic shop. Actors Nate Cesco and Abbey Miskowiec have good comedic timing and chemistry in this film. It should also be noted that this is the first film from the State of West Virginia ever accepted to the the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival. The director has an interesting story about how this film came together. “I wanted to make a movie about anxiety and how the way to remedy it is to have a “mind like water.” It would be a person anxiously waiting while their car is repaired, a situation I have been in many times. When I started writing it, it went in a different direction, but I still needed to include water, so that inspired what I think is a pretty funny scene. I hope you enjoy it as much as we all enjoyed making it.”
"State Inspection" Comedy Fil