October 8, 2017

Austin Comedy Short Film Festival: Fall 2017 Official Selections

"Here Comes the Neighborhood" Comedy Short Film

"Here Comes the Neighborhood" Austin Comedy Short Film Festival: Fall 2017 Official Selection

The wait is over ...

The judges of the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival have named the official selections for the Fall 2017 screenings on November 14th and 15th, 2017. The competition was fierce and the decisions were difficult, but in the end, we will present one of the funniest line-ups of comedy short films in our history.


"Hey You, It's Me" Comedy Short Film

"Hey You, It's Me" Austin Comedy Short Film Festival: Fall 2017 Official Selection

Comedy Short Film Selections:

  • "A series of Unfortunate Dates" Directed by Aleix Massot
  • "Akado" Directed by Kim Belov
  • "Alternative Math" Directed by David Maddox - ​Watch The Trailer!
  • "Bad Kiwis" Directed by Deb Foster
  • "Be Sexy" Directed by Steve Thompson
  • "Buy This Button" Directed by Hannah Murphy
  • "Canal" Directed by Trey Huguley & Andrew Porter
  • "Cancel the F---ing Internet" Directed by Ryan Kayet - Watch The Trailer!
  • "Candy Universe Mania" Directed by Julian Bozzo - Watch the Web Series Trailer!
  • "Charge It" Directed by Joel Lava
  • "Damn Bro!" Directed by Travis Frick - Watch the Trailer!
  • "Dear Mr Darcy" Directed by Robert Woods
  • "Destrier" Directed by Philippe David Gagné
  • "Dick Head" Directed by Brecht Vanthof - Watch the Trailer!
  • "Doucheaholics: Laura" Directed by Sean McCarthy
  • "Doucheaholics: Ted"Directed by Sean McCarthy
  • "Dry-Body Sex" Directed by Shanna Micko
  • "Dumbboat" Directed by Laura Spini & Laurence Brook
  • "Elevated Thinking" Directed by Maggie Politi
  • "Falling for You" Directed by Laura Johnson
  • "Fired"Directed by Robert Matthews
  • "George & Monty "The Documentary" Directed by John Schwert
  • "Gimme a Break" Directed by Stephanie Stender
  • "Go Paul" Directed by Felix Karolus
  • "Golden Girls Rap" Directed by Ali Alkhafaji
  • "Here Comes the Neighborhood" Directed by Michael Charron
  • "Hey You, It's Me" Directed by Frankie Ingrassia - Watch the Trailer!
  • "Hog Wild" Directed by Erik Gatling
  • "I Love You More" Directed by Kevin Hartford
  • "Idiot Box Web Series" Directed by Ben Bryan
  • "Just End It!" Directed by Heather Spilkin
  • "Master Class" Directed by Justin Wright Neufeld - Watch the Web Series Trailer!
  • "Mr Mainframe" Directed by Stanley Sievers
  • "Must Kill Karl" Directed by Joe Kicak
  • "My Friend D-Rone" Directed by Jack Martin
  • "My Little Teddy Bear" Directed by Kyle Jon Shephard
  • "Night of The Family Dinner" Directed by Mike Atcherson & Joe Duenas
  • "Obits"Directed by Neil Fennell - Watch the Trailer!
  • "Other People's Children" Directed by Brad Riddell & Anna Maria Hozian - Watch the Web Series Trailer!
  • "Out of Town" Directed by Leann Lei - Watch the Trailer!
  • "Pet Nap" Directed by Nick Peet
  • "Pineapple Love" Directed by Jonny Havey
  • "Planet Earth: Hollywood" Directed by Dane Wagner
  • "Pony"Directed by Kyle Kelley
  • "Rekindled" Directed by Erin Brown - Watch the Trailer!
  • "Restricted Diet" Directed by Candace Mabry
  • "SeaLand Cares!" Directed by Cara Brown
  • "Security Deposit" Directed by Will Eisenberg
  • "Skipped" Directed by Faisal Hashmi
  • "Snowstorm Roulette" Directed by Matt Wright
  • "State of Emergency!" Directed by Sébastien Petretti
  • "Swiped" Directed by Joseph Kahn
  • "Tender Tides" Directed by Justin Norman - Watch the Trailer!
  • "Texas Cotton" Directed by Tyler Russell
  • "The Accomplice" Directed by Jon Hoeg & John F. Beach
  • "The Cable Men" Directed by Robin Conly - Watch the Trailer!
  • "The Dinner Scene" Directed by Nicholas Thurkettle
  • "The Ford Focus: Stimulating" Directed by Teddy Hose & Michael Risse
  • "The Grandmasters" Directed by B.J. Maier
  • "The Peacock" Directed by Darcie Irwin-Simpson
  • "The Smartfridge 9000" Directed by Kyle Bergersen & Tyler Graham
  • "The Tug" Directed by Nicholas Barker
  • "Think Twice" Directed by Eliaz Rodriguez - Watch the Trailer!
  • "This is Ed!" Directed by Bob Hiltermann
  • "Tinder is the Night" Directed by Misha Calvert & Zach Carver
  • "Waiting...." Directed by Eric John Morton
  • "War Crimes” Directed by Matthew E. Robinson

Short Comedy Screenplay Official Selections Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2017

Short Comedy Screenplay Selections:

  • "A New Species" Written by William Hyde (Austin, TX)
  • "A Victimless Crime" Written by Ella Roby & Zahid Gamieldien (North Bondi, Australia)
  • "Alternative Universe" Written by Candice Delevante (New York, NY)
  • "Coffee in Southtown" Written by Jeff & Julia Heinen
  • "Dog Day" Written by Lauren Hoekstra
  • "Doorlocker" Written by Tony DiSibio & B.L. Cooper (Glassboro, NJ)
  • "Drawish" Written by Gabriel Mara
  • "End Of The World" Written by John R Norris & Mike Canale
  • "Film Festival Fodder" Written by Jennifer Katz
  • "For The Love Of God" Written by Kushal Dhungana
  • ​​​​"GCC Strong" Written by Keegan Moore
  • "Juan" Written by John Afamasaga (Oxford, MS)
  • "Mr. Happy" Written by Sydney Lloyd Smith
  • "Other People's Lives" Written by Montgomery Burt (Canada)
  • "Pantry Raid" Written by James Lennox (East Hanover, NJ)
  • "Plunge" Written by Lance Roger Axt (Bellingham, WA)
  • "Probert Bound" Written by Kyle A Smith (Brooklyn, NY)
  • "Remedy" Written by Margina Sisson
  • "Saul Sprockett was a Wunderkind"Written by Chris Aresco
  • "The Kosher Mutiny" (Max's Deli Pilot Episode) Written by Jim Norman (Plantation, FL)
  • "The Most Interesting Man in Dave's Mind"Written by Amanda R. Martinez (New York, NY)
  • "The Paradigm Shift" Written by Judson Vaughan (London, United Kingdom)
  • "The Stable" Written by Janis McGaven (Hollywood, CA)
  • "The Undoing of Jimmy Skidmarks by the Gangster Keaton Briley" Written by Leal Butler
  • "Toaster" Written by Bry Troyer (Olympia, WA)
  • "We're Men of Old Age" Written by Scott Dissinger

Feature Length Comedy Screenplay Selections:

  • "Addicted To You"Written by Mike Cochnar, Choni Francis & SteevJBrown
  • "Affirmation"Written by Kyle Lavore
  • "Campus 911: Serving Since Yesterday"Written by Richard C Geiwitz
  • "Don Appetit!"Written by Jay Stamatis, Steve Stamatis and Edmond Coisson
  • "Forward Progress"Written by Zachary Madson & Garret Geist
  • "(F)UGLY"Written by Phil and Manuela Hollins
  • "Harry's File"Written by Jude Gerard Prest
  • "Last Chance"Written by Michael Charron
  • "Table For Four"Written by Jim Norman
  • "The Big Picture"Written by Michael Charron
  • "The Contingency Plan"Written by Connor Tkachuk
  • "The Hatchett Job"Written by Phil Hollins
  • "The Missile"Written by Richard C Geiwitz
  • "The Weak Outdoors"Written by Gunnar  E Garrett Jr.

Screenwriters Jay Stamatis (top left), Zachary Madson (top right), Connor Tkachuck (Bottom Left), Gunnar Garrett (Bottom Right)

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