“Eiffel Tower” was highly rated by the ACSFF 2016 judges.

By Mikel / a couple of years ago
The Austin Comedy Short Film Festival will screen the short film “Eiffel Tower” on April 19th, 2016 in Austin, Texas. We are excited to screen films that are directed by women and Aynsley Bubbico did a great job with this film. All of our judges loved the humor, acting and overall production value of this film.
Director Aynsley Bubbico statement about the film. I found it to be a really smart choice to bring on a female director for this piece. The funny and sexual nature of the script could have easily turned into a sexist farce about an unwitting woman being led into the lion’s den, but Ross and Matt wanted more than just a college humor sketch. We agreed that we didn’t want the sexuality to overshadow the comedy of the awkwardness between the characters, (and vice versa) but we didn’t want to shy away from it either.
I particularly felt protective of our actress, Jessica Serfaty, being the only female actor on set as well as the object of both male characters’ affection. We discussed her comfort level and where her “line” was and then she went balls to the wall right up to that line. She was game for anything.
The guys were generous and open to my take on their script, making the whole process far more collaborative than any of us had anticipated. It was important to the writers and myself to keep everything grounded in reality while telling a story about a crazy night in the lives of otherwise “normal” guys, and I feel like we achieved that.

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