State of Emergency! Directed by Sébastien Petretti

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Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2017
  • Film Title: "State of Emergency!"
  • Screening: Session 1 November 14th, 2017
  • Runtime: 5 Minutes and 34 Seconds
  • Category: Micro Short Film
  • Awards: TBA
  • Filmed on location in Paris, France
  • Director: Sébastien Petretti
  • Actors: Starring Yassine Fadel and Ilias Bouanane
  • Tagline: "This is the story of two young guys without any trouble who just want to talk about sex without being disturbed. State of Emergency! is a surrealistic comedy that depicts a society where police violence and invasion of privacy are daily routine, normal, tedious. The victims themselves are used to it. Even the police is used to it! Every day, they get back at it. Samy and Mehdi aren’t even paying attention to it anymore… the viewer neither. The real question of the movie is to finally discover if Samy did get some on the night of Valentine’s…"

"State of Emergency" is a quirky French Comedy that the judges enjoyed. A bizarre scene between two young men having a normal conversation while being brutalized by the Police. French Comedy Filmmakers come up with some bizarre concepts and this film definitely falls in that category. It should be noted that the cinematography is outstanding by Director of Photography, Piet Deyaert.

State of Emergency! French Director Sébastien Petretti

State of Emergency! Director Sébastien Petretti

Sebastien is a Belgian director who started his career as a 1st AD before directing himself. Director for 3 years, he has already made many commercials, music videos and shorts films and has an international career. His short films Family for Sale in 2015 and Pink Velvet Valley in 2016 have been nominated in various festivals (Palm  Springs, BFI London, etc). 

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