“SMARTfridge 9000” Directed by Kyle Bergersen & Tyler Graham

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Smartfridge 9000 Director Kyle Bergeson Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2017

Austin Comedy Short Film Festival 

Fall 2017 Official Selection

SMARTfridge 9000 directed by Kyle Bergersen

The comedy web series, SMARTfridge 9000, is an official selection of the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2017.

Smartfridge 9000 Director Kyle Bergeson Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2017

SMARTfridge 9000: The Story Behind the Story

We caught up with the SMARTfridge 9000 Film Crew, for a behind-the-scenes look at the production of this comedy film.

  1. Why did you think that your film was a good fit for the Austin Comedy Short FF? "A sketch-based web series seemed a good fit for your festival's content. Especially one focusing on regional humor."
  2. What inspired you and your team to make this film and how did you come up with the title? "A comedic twist to HAL9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey"
  3. What made the actors interested in being a part of your film? "Student and local actors looking for more creative opportunities."
  4. How were you able to get the locations for your film? "Shot on campus at the University of Oklahoma with a student crew collaborating with faculty."
  5. Can you talk about your sources of funding and favors that you received to complete this film? "Gaylord College grant to support creative activity for faculty."
  6. Has creating this short film helped the careers of the people involved in any way "Experience and reel building for undergraduate students at OU."
  7. What were some of the challenges that you encountered while making this film "Working in a confined space with changing light conditions."
  8. In what city and state was this film shot on location? "Norman, OK"
  9. Can you tell us about a time when something really funny happened on set, that didn't get caught on camera? "The students kept coming up with future episodes. One in particular featured a black minifridge who was Dave's love child."
  10. Can you list any awards, nominations or official selections for this film? "FrackFest: OKC Underground Film Festival"

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