“Petnap” Directed by Nick Peet

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Austin Comedy Short Film Festival 

Fall 2017 Official Selection

Petnap Directed by Nick Peet

The comedy short film directed by Nick Peet, Petnap, is an official selection of the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2017.

  • Film Title: "Petnap"
  • Director: Nick Peet | IMDb
  • Runtime: 15 Minutes
  • Category: Short Comedy Film
  • Crew: Producer Josh Sathre, Writer Tommy O'Rourke, Cinematographer Michael Bosman, Editor Andy Goldenberg, Costume Designer Whitney Galitz
  • Cast: Elizabeth A. Anderson, Amaris Dupree, Peter Allen Vogt, Rhoda Pell, Selah Victor, Sonny Marinelli, Parvesh Cheena
  • Tagline: "A THC-fueled joyride into the revenge-filled world of catering, E-List Hollywood, and puppy ransom."
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  • Review: "Better than your average Cannabis comedy, 'Petnap' has a great set of characters that define their personalities and have you laughing in minutes. Director Nick Peet's film has excellent writing, comedic timing and memorable funnies. The judges enjoyed the performance by the entire cast."
  • Screening: The Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Audience enjoyed this Cannabis infused short film that generated a ton of laughs. There were a lot of positive comments about the cinematography as well.

Petnap: Synopsis

What is Petnap about? Charlie passes a celebratory joint to his two catering pals, Deepak and Sharron. They’re on chronic cloud nine, they’ve hit the big time, a life defining moment. In less than an hour their smoke-filled van will be pulling into the Hollywood Hills to cater to none other than long time hero, icon, and star of TLC’s “Hamlet,” Tom Waitfield. Alas, when Waitfield rains down some Shakespearian level cruelty on them, Charlie’s starry-eyed hopes come crashing back to Earth - along with the food trays and the crew’s spirits. Sad, defeated, stoned, and mistreated, it’s time for a caterer’s revenge.

Petnap Poster Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2017

Petnap: The Story Behind the Story

We caught up with the Petnap Film Crew, for a behind-the-scenes look at the production of this comedy film.

  1. Why did you think that your film was a good fit for the Austin Comedy Short FF? "Our writer Tommy O'Rourke was just in Austin for his best friends wedding for the first time and fell in love with the vibe there. Rainey St. played a huge part in that, walking the street and meeting locals was a truly wonderful experience and we thought our short would connect with Austin's light hearted, easy going vibe."
  2. What inspired you and your team to make this film and how did you come up with the title? "It started with one of those silly thoughts you have when you're broke about how to make "easy money". Tommy saw a Pet Reward poster for an obscene amount of money, mischievous wheels turning filled in the blanks of how that could happen in reality. But ultimately it seemed better to make it as a movie and not a career choice. Petnap sounds much better than Pet Kidnappers."
  3. What made the actors interested in being a part of your film? "Over the years we've been very fortunate to develop a deep network of talented actors. The screenplay was written with 3 actors in mind, and we ultimately only held auditions for 2 of the total roles in the film. When people have a sense of your work and you've known each other for years, its easy to call them up and say, I have a project for you, 90% of the time the answer is YES! Then the actual scheduling is the hard part."
  4. How were you able to get the locations for your film? "We were very fortunate to be able to pull a lot of favors and had two friends who graciously opened their homes to us free of charge. We may not legally be allowed to discuss the others :)"
  5. Can you talk about your sources of funding and favors that you received to complete this film? "This film was Kickstarted over 3 years ago and after the first attempt at making a movie for $500 we quickly learned that it was best to make one really well done film vs. 5 OK films. We were so blessed to have Michael Bosman get us deeply discounted gear; the film could have never come together and looked as incredible as it did if it were not for him. Our amazing director Nick Peet also graciously offered up his office at Hazy Mills productions for our one day of casting."
  6. Has creating this short film helped the careers of the people involved in any way? "YES! The story of working on this movie was that we wanted everyone to do the job they WANTED to do, costume buyers wanted to be the costume designers, our amazingly talented producer Josh Sathre wanted to be a more hands on as a creative producer, the insanely talented Michael Bosman had been doing mostly DIT work lately and wanted to shoot something again, our director Nick Peet is a development executive and wanted to direct more. Nick also recently co-wrote an episode of "Grimm!"
  7. What were some of the challenges that you encountered while making this film?
    When you're working on favors and peoples free time, days have to run smoothly. We were always fighting against the clock, budget and getting everyone in the same place at the same time!
  8. In what city and state was this film shot on location? If outside the US, what city and country? If multiple places, please list them. It was shot around LA in Sun Valley, North Hollywood, and the Hollywood Hills.
  9. Can you tell us about a time when something really funny happened on set, that didn't get caught on camera?
    We may have heard that there was the time when Tommy (Charlie) turned the catering van too quickly into a neighborhood driveway and ran over several garden lights...But still no proof that it really happened."
  10. Can you list any awards, nominations or official selections for this film? "The Austin Comedy Short Film Festival is in the first batch of fests we submitted Petnap to, so our first response was a “yes!” So far so good with two nominations for "Best Ensemble Cast" and "Best Actress". We are so grateful and honored to even be considered! Thanks Mikel and Co!"

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