“The Kosher Mutiny” written by Jim Norman

By admin / 6 months ago

"The Kosher Mutiny (Max's Deli Pilot Episode)"

The comedy short screenplay, The Kosher Mutiny (Max's Deli Pilot Episode), is an official selection of the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2017.

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  • Category: Short Screenplay
  • Screenwriter: Jim Norman
  • Tagline: “Max Kalb owns a Kosher delicatessen in Brooklyn, circa 1925. Among his regular customers are six mob hitmen for hire. Thanks to a misunderstanding, his employees form a union, which the hitmen offer to 'take care of.' It turns out that the addled Mrs. G, who is also hard of hearing, created the union by accident, and everyone goes back to normal, sans union."

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