“Juan” short comedy screenplay by John Afamasaga

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Juan Screenwriter John Afamasaga Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2017


The comedy short screenplay, Juan, is an official selection of the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2017.

  • Screenplay Title: “Juan”
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  • Category: Short Screenplay
  • Screenwriter: John Afamasaga
  • Tagline: “A migrant worker with drinking problem suffers from depression, and suicidal thoughts is saved by his wives and daughter on Skype.”
  • Review: “Joel Afamasaga does a great job of developing the main character, Juan’s, backstory. You can’t help but feel sorry for the guy, but it sets up a very funny situation.”

“Juan” Synopsis

Juan works hard like many Mexican migrant farm workers. He’s not perfect. In fact, he has a drinking problem, suffers from depression and has suicidal thoughts. For now, he’s shacked up with Bettina, a good-hearted 50-year-old invalid in the South. They live in an old house-bus in a trailer park. A good day for Juan is when he only has racist jokes on TV and callers on talkback radio to worry about. The rest of the time he has suicidal thoughts. When he tries to curb his drinking, things get worse. They come to a head when neighbors call the cops because Juan’s music is too loud.

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Congrats! Screenwriter John Afamasaga “Juan” is an #austincomedyshortfilmfestival Fall 2017 Official Selection https://t.co/5ZYaWpnmth pic.twitter.com/iAAK2QOOty

— Mikel Fair (@AustinComedySFF) November 6, 2017

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