“Dog Day” written by Lauren Hoekstra

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Austin Comedy Short Film Festival 

Fall 2017 Official Selection

Dog Day: short comedy screenplay

The comedy short screenplay, Dog Day, is an official selection of the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2017.

  • Screenwriter: Lauren Hoekstra
  • Length: 11 Pages
  • Category: Short Comedy Screenplay
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  • Tagline: "Fresh back from electro-shock therapy, Maureen is taken aback by her husband's latest attention-grabbing strategy. But his antics pale in significance when she discovers her beloved pooch has tried to end it all. A sinful comedy about adultery, betrayal and complicity."
  • Review: Lauren Hoekstra's "Dog Day" is a short screenplay that is on the darker side of comedy. The judges were impressed by the interesting characters and well written awkward and comedic situations.
"Dog Day" screenwriter Laura Hoekstra

Dog Day: Screenwriter Lauren Hoekstra Bio

One of a new generation of female director/producers with a penchant for action meshed with romance, Lauren is currently finalizing an interactive first-person video, His-Her, starring celebrity photographer Tyler Shields (Final Girl). This high-octane fashion shoot - filmed in a moving car in the Mojave Desert - lets the viewer switch between Tyler and his model's perspectives. At the same time, she's gearing up to produce Dacoit, a Sundance Lab finalist project, having recently finished production of Don't Come Back From The Moon - a feature film for James Franco, which the Hollywood Reporter called "poignant and visually striking." Don't Come Back From The Moon is Lauren's second collaboration with James Franco. Previously she directed City Bus for his Boswell anthology, Heyday Of The Insensitive Bastards. City Bus was one of three finalists in the 2017 Script Pipeline First Look contest and won Best Director and Best Narrative Short at the 2017 Independent Filmmakers' Showcase (IFS) and 2015 Los Angeles International Underground film festival. It also screened at numerous prestigious film festivals, including Hollyshorts, the LA Film Fest and Worldfest, Houston. Other work highlights include Lauren's appointment as Second Unit Director on Catherine Hardwick's Plush and being shortlisted as a director for Lionsgates' upcoming Twilight web series.

Screenwriter Lauren Hoekstra

Dog Day: The Story Behind the Story

  1. What is the title of your screenplay and why did you think that your screenplay was a good fit for the Austin Comedy Short FF? “My screenplay is called Dog Day and I thought it was a good fit for this festival because Austin really gets dark humor.”
  2. What inspired you to write this screenplay and how did you come up with the title? “The title is predictable, if you read the story, which was inspired by my mom's family in the seventies. Very dysfunctional!”
  3. What was your inspiration for some of the characters in your screenplay? “Poppet was inspired by stories of my gran's dog. Apparently she was almost human.”
  4. In your mind, where do you see this story taking place and why? “It's very seventies. The electro-shock therapy pins it to that era. Psycho-analysis was a new thing then.”
  5. What were some of the creative challenges that you encountered while writing this screenplay? “It was quite a challenge writing a comedy around this subject.”

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